During our work we are facing some tasks and requirements over and over again – so we decided to develop best-practice based frameworks that ease and speed up the development. We used and matured these frameworks over the years, and they stood the test of time in various projects at different customers. We would not want to miss them in our work.

We know that a framework or library can only bring its full potential if it is well understood and accepted by the developers using it – that is why we offer them not as a closed product, but an open solution bundled with a workshop, where we train your staff to use it based on real-life examples and discuss if they can be optimized further for your particular environment.

Planning Function Framework

A framework and utility toolset for developing your own custom-logic planning functions with ABAP or SQL Script for SAP BPC or SAP BW IP and PAK in a highly effective way – with an on-demand workshop to get you up to speed within a day.


Sometimes the small things make the difference

We offer these small – yet very effective – solution packages at the cost of one consulting day*. These little ‘tools’ will help you make your BW development and housekeeping work more effective. We will guide you in installing them in your system, and give you an introduction on how to use them.

Background Breakpoint Tool

Conveniently and easily debug processes running in the background – for example as part of your process chains.

Class-based exit variable framework

Organize variable exits – and implement them in an efficient way.

Query regression testing

Automatically compare query results for regression-testing your developments.

Automated query backup

Schedule automatic query backups for selected or all queries.

Query structure comparison

Compare two queries across systems to see differences in their definition.

Selective deletion in process chains

The missing piece in process chains: selective deletion by custom selection variants.

* additional travel costs may apply depending on location – workshop can also be done via telepresence if requested