Automate updates to your formatted reports

Do you need to run your reports for dozens of subsidiaries, sales groups or product hierarchy selections? Would you like your users to receive their reports directly into their e-mail inbox?

Our workbook precalculation server can update Analysis for Office workbooks – as well as plain Excel workbooks other data sources – with fresh data and customizable selections.

The right reports for the right people

How do you provide people with the data and information they need? If they have self-service access to on-line reporting and analysis tools: excellent! Unfortunately this is not always possible, and some users need their data on the go or in a highly reported format.

Generate pre-formatted reports with content customized to the particular recipient without manual effort. Supply people with up to date information on a daily basis – never again will they need bother you with e-mails to send them an updated report.

Have your report run and exported automatically

Even if all your reporting as available as BW Queries, Analysis for Office workbooks, or simply as Excel files with PowerQuery or formulas – even just the process of running these reports for all your individual organizational units and sorting the files into a folder structure is a time consuming task.

We can automate that – no more monotonous clicking.

Dispatch the reports directly to their recipients

Have the report files sent out to the appropriate recipients per e-mail – or store store them on a network share, in sharepoint or somewhere else.

With a modular setup we can support custom target destionations.

Scheduled, on-demand or manual processing

Our core precalculation engine can be used directly as a user application – for example employees of the controlling department could run it on their laptops as a Windows application. A configuration file carries information on the reports to be generated – processing is done directly on the laptop.

Or it can be installed on a Windows server or “precalculation workstation” where it can automatically run scheduled processing of reports at a given time, or act a server that can accept requests via web services on-demand. This way you can trigger precalculation and get the output file from any of you other corporate applications.

Real Excel processing

Precalculation of workbooks is also offered by the BI Platform as a native feature. This takes place on the BI Platform server with Java technology – and writes the data directly XML content of the .xlsx file in Office Open XML format. This will refresh the data in the crosstab areas, but is not able to update dependent objects or execute macros.

We open the report directly within Excel / Analysis for Office on a Windows computer and execute specific steps via the programming API – all Excel-Features are supported.

Export as PDF

Instead of .xlsx files you also have the option to export the output files directly in PDF format.