Evosigt Unity

Coordinate and synchronize your planning and month-end close processes

Evosight Unity is a simple to use workflow management tool to help keep track of processes that different actors and multiple steps.

We developed Unity, because we repeatedly faced the wish of our customers to gain visibility and control of their planning processes. Larger enterprises with a sophisticated planning landscape need to complete and review multiple different plans – sales plan, cost center plan, P/L, cashflow etc. – often for dozens of organization units, and all this up to four or five times a year. Unity acts as a central cockpit to steer and monitor all these planning activities.

Another typical use-case of Unity is the status management of the month-end close process in multi-organization enterprises. The last invoices need to be posted, the period has to locked, closing postings need to be carried out – maybe the data needs to be uploaded into a separate consolidation system. Unity allows you to document the necessary steps once, and monitor progress of their execution month by month.

Know your tasks and deadlines

Create a catalogue of tasks that need to be carried out for your planning or month-end closing – as a matrix of your organization units and the semantical steps of the process. Tag the tasks with deadlines and attach documents describing the task or the goals. Assign a responsible person and optionally a list of forther assignees who should execute the task.

Provide direct jump-targets from the tasks to your third party planning or data processing applications – like planning masks in SAP, shared Excel sheets on Sharepoint, Google Forms or anything else.

Keep track of the status

Define your own status schemes. As simple as ‘open’ and ‘done’… or as coplex as a five level approval process. Track the progress of the people which tasks they have already started executing and where they are already finished.

Collect data

Stop attachments flooding your inbox and the chaos with multiple versions of files. For any data collection for which you have no specific planning or data entry tool, provide template files (e.g. Excel) directly with the task. The planning responsible will find the up to date template at a central plase, and can upload the data entered into the template directly within the planning taks.

Open interfaces

Use our open API to access metadata and status information stored in Evosight Unity. For example you could automatically set the status to a task to completed if the COPA settlements are carried out in your SAP ERP. Or you could automatically lock your planning data in SAP BW IP with a dataslice once the user has set the ‘Sales planning’ task to status completed – or control permissions based on the assigned user.

Technical details

Evosight Unity is a web application that can be hosted on-site on your own server, in your cloud (Azure, AWS etc.) or purchased as a cloud service.

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