Evosight Finance Vision

A fully integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash-flow planning and simulation solution

Tired of number-crunching and keyboard-punching? Most planning applications collect your, store it, and that’s it. Try something new – try something smart. Try our planning solution to get answers instead of data entry grids:

Will I need to take a credit to finance the new forklifts?

If our labor costs rise by 3% next year, will we stay profitable?

If we change our payment terms to 15 days, how will our working capital change?

What total depraciation will we have in 2024?

Leverage data you already have

Our finance planning solution will pick up where your sales planning team and cost center responsibles left off. Without entering any single additional number you get a first draft of your financial plan. With income statement, balance sheet, including a cash-flow report… How? We connect to your existing sales / cost center / personnel costs / whatever planning and apply mapping rules to turn that data into an account based financial view. That’s already half the rent: a P/L plan where most of the accounts are already pre-populated with data based on your detail plans.

You also have actuals loaded from your ERP or Excel files, don’t you? Those will be our base where we can start our month-by-month balance sheet simulation logic to predict your assets, stock, receivables, payables and cash for the upcoming periods. We can also use your actuals – along with growth factors you enter manually – to calcualte a growth plan and simulate your figures accordingly.

Or start from scratch…

No data? No problem! Of course you can also start from scratch and enter plan data manually in the P/L plan. Still balance sheet and cash flow simulation will work. And you can always add the detailed source modules later if you like – either yourself, or we can design those planning apps for you.

You are in control

Your first draft financial plan comes for free, without any hassle. But who is the boss of your data? Indeed, you are! You decide whether working capital will be reduced next year, you control how future payment terms will look like, and you know best how high that provision for the pension funds has to be set.

You can control the parameters of the simulation, plus you can maintain a list of additional business events that are to be taken into account. They become a record in the event journal, and the record become simulate postings that make it into balance sheet and cash flow.

Investment planning

Besides P/L, balance sheet and a cash flow, almost every company needs to plan future investments. That is why we include an investment planning module with a state of the art UI5 frontend. You can plan your investments by category, reason, organization unit, select the type of financing, activation date and useful live – and maintain required funds – in total or with a detailed schedule.

We store the data straight into standard BW objects (master data and aDSOs.) – real-time – you can build your own queries and dashboards on top of that with a few clicks. But not just that: we also use this data to simulate purchase, financing, assets under construction and depreciation in the P/L, balance sheet and cashflow. Yes, automatically. No, you don’t need anything yourself for that.

We are open…

We welcome your data and processes to join the simulation-calculation-party. Our simulation logic is set up in an open and extensible way. You can connect data from your existing BW providers and define how they shall flow into the simulation.

And our data is your data as well: Whatever we calculate avaialble in standard BW objects, directly consumable in your reporing. Take our infoproviders, integrate them in your composite provider, build your BW query or connect to SAC. It’s that easy.

Technical details

This product requires BW on HANA or BW4/HANA. Planning Applikation Kit licenses are recommended for best performance. Frontend: Analysis for Office. Other technical configurations – other frontends or non-HANA or non-SAP version of the product possible as custom development project.

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